…you won’t find any ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ re-treads on this set, or even any blues-rock outings. The focus is on the songs and everything is tight and to-the-point. That makes it something of a rarity for the modern blues scene; that it is such an unqualified success is a real bonus! Norman Darwen

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Wow now that is what l call an amazing album that quite frankly left me gobsmacked. Complex, moody sensuous Blues that are perfectly constructed and the charts are to die for. Latina and Markey as a duo are incredible  performers but aside from that obvious observation they are  incredible songwriters. Love so much about this album and this will start many a music fan’s foray into Blues music. Congratulations Ric and Markey.

Peter Merrett

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There is a bit of Mississippi Delta, a bit of Chicago Blues, a little bit of Soul, but a whole lot of Markey Blue. Their new release, “The Blues are Knockin’” takes no prisoners.

J.R. Miller

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World Premier of The Blues are Knockin’
Music on the Couch with Vinny Marini
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“What do you get when you have a great singer, a great band and great songs? A great project. Markey Blue, you have done it!”
STEVE CROPPER – Grammy Winner & Legendary Stax Recording Artist

“When they hit the stage, the energy and good vibes just don’t stop!”
PETER FLEMING – Air Play Direct


Album Review: “Blues from the top shelf”

[ from Chris Spector - Midwest Record ] MARKEY BLUE/The Blues are Knockin’ (SOUL O SOUND): It’s good to see this indie blues duo make the most of the nu opportunities the present throws in your path to try and make a living as a working muso.  First off, this set...

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Hacked By ShadeHacked By Shade GreetZ: Prosox - Sxtz - KDZ - RxR HaCkEr - GeNErAL - HolaKo - Golden-Hacker - ~Abo-Al EoSTwitter:...